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We unfortunately don't cover all of New Zealand. If you're not in Marlborough and are looking to lease a hive or to set some up yourself, the best option would be to click on National Beekeepers Association: which is a trusted NZ site. They have a good list of regional clubs around NZ. Or check your phone book or Google Beekeeping Clubs in your area. There may also be a local apiarist (bee-keeper) who would provide you with a hive and/or bees. Hives, usually kitset, sometimes complete, can be bought online or on Trademe, although there can be pitfalls, such as making sure you get some drawn comb not just plain foundation wax in your frames. Foundation wax sheets take a lot of energy (hence honey) to build out to be able to fill with honey or brood and bees are not so keen on them to start off. You'll need to price up a suit, smoker, gloves and about 4 boxes with ready made frames of foundation in them. Shop around, as prices vary considerably. Bees can be bought from various places, the best way is a starter hive (called a nuc, which is transferred into your hive - the above link or your phonebook should be useful. Join the local bee-keeping club for assistance, wisdom and a nice way to get outside and meet new people. Gear can often be purchased from other members.

It is also a legal requirement to register your hive.
To do this, just email or call:
Margaret Roper, Apiary registrar, at AsureQuality Ltd. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(07) 5742596
and she will send you the appropriate information.

This and other useful information can also be found on the National Beekeepers Association website.

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