July 2017

The season, as many of you will already know, has been an awful one for most people, with record lows recorded in most regions across the country, not just in bee-keeping, but agriculture and horticulture generally. Marlborough has been pretty hard hit, with many grape harvest, fruit and honey being of minimal or poor quality due to wind, rain and cool or eratic temperatures.

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Swarm rescue

We were asked to rescue a swarm from the Fairhall golf course ...

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November 2013

We are hoping to get more bees into the Marlborough environment. We still get calls from people who haven't seen bees in their garden, who have fruit trees in blossom but no bees - and we're here to help.

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Spring 2012

The queens are busy laying up to 200 eggs an hour, some of them new queen cells, to get their population up and going for the summer 'honey flow', when many flowers are in full nectar production.

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April 2012

It's been an odd summer, as you know, with a reduced honey crop (by about 40%) Some hives were fantastic, some produced enough for their feed over the season and for winter, and some needed to be fed! Very odd, they seemed to produce in 'pockets'.

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December 2011

Some updates to answer a few questions we got this month . . .

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Beehive hire - Marlborough Express June 2011 article

Want extra harmony in your garden? Consider adding a beehive. 

That's a suggestion of Matthew Wells who, with his partner Catherine Gordon operates a "hives for hire" business in Picton, Blenheim and Nelson. There was only one protest when they started Urban Bees in 2009 – a letter to the editor questioning the wisdom of putting bees in private gardens.

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