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I've had no dramas with the bees – my family call sometimes when I'm out and get up close for a look but the bees take no notice of any of us. They are so fascinating to watch and listen too. The noise on Saturday morning when the sun came out after a gloomy spell was incredible! They've never come inside at all, whether I'm baking or not.
What a terrible storm today – wild, wet and windy here in town and the bees are all bedded down – wise creatures! I'm pleased they're tucked away in that sheltered spot – no risk of the hive blowing over.
I found some phacelia and borage seeds so will fill in the gaps around the garden when the weather clears.

Reply by Urban Bees:
Thanks so much, glad you are enjoying your bees :)
Your neighbour in front came and watched while we worked your hive, hope you dont mind?
It's incredible ay, how busy they are, apparently they don't actually sleep as such, and the poor ol' queens lay constantly night and day from now until mid summer! We'd better behave in this life... ;) That hum will get bigger and more obvious as the season progresses - I'm pleased you like it. They're nice bees to work with, I hope you've had no drama, it's also rare to get bees inside the house, unless you're baking with honey. . . Their keen sense of smell is counteracted by the fact that they're not scavengers like wasps are. They're only interested in nectar/honey. I haven't tested whether they like sugary smells, like toffee making - must do some kitchen research and let everyone know :)
Hope you had a good time away and are getting time in the garden in this improved weather. Incredible rain last week, but very necessary for the already dry gardens.

Thanks for the new bee box - the bees look very settled. The depth of hum and vibration coming from the hive at night when I'm out hunting for snails always amazes me -the bees obviously are still very busy in the dark of night. They are fascinating creatures and I really enjoy watching their behaviour when I'm home on a sunny day.

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